About NGO “Es Latgalei”

Non-governmental organisation “Es Latgalei” (EL) was founded in 2002 by a family that ‘saved’ the unique manor house in the isolated countryside of Latgale (Eastern part of Latvia) from further dereliction. Arendole manor house became the object and the subject of the future EL’s work which is still in progress.

EL main activity is to keep the manor house open to the public in order to showcase the restoration process, raise the awareness in the visitors about the traditional techniques of crafts used for restoration, as well as make some special interest seminars and meetings. Since 2002 in summers several events were held in manor featuring the local artists, folklore and other forms of intangible heritage.

Meanwhile EL is a member in other organisations – Association of Latvia’s castles, palaces and manors and “Lauku ceļotājs” (in English – “Countryside Traveller”), a professional rural tourism association. EL is applying for local grants supporting the cultural heritage in Latvia in order to secure repairs and continue restoration process in Arendole manor.

EL represents deep piety towards the cultural heritage, revealing the unique challenge of understanding that economic and bureaucratic obstacles can be overcome so that the cultural heritage can be preserved without any major commercialisation which is the case of Arendole manor.

Our latest activities, please download PDF

You can access more information on Arendole manor here and find pictures here.



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